Patriotism, compassion for poor and needy, enthusiasm to bring a positive change in society and die hard spirit for the welfare of society; all this runs through his veins.
Rajesh was brought up in the enlightened family of Tulshidas Volvoikar who was a freedom fighter. Leadership, patriotism, social responsibility, heart for downtrodden people was the way of life for him.
During studenthood, he was an active member of Akhil Bhartiy Vidyarthi Parishad. He took part in various agitations for the benefit of students for Trisemester agitation, Konkan Railway, Reduction in Exam fee etc.
He represented his college in various activities. He was an active volunteer of NSS (National Service Scheme) He also took part in various cultural programmes. He was also an energetic sportsman and thus represented his college at various sports event.
In his school days, he was an apple of the eye for teachers and classmates. Several occasions he was elected or nominated as Class representative. At Dhempe College also he was given the responsibility of being the class representative where as at GVM’s college Ponda, he was the UCR. He was the General Secretary of Government College Khandola.
As a panch in Penha da Franca Panchayat, he proved his philanthropic abilities by organising health camps. Various check up camps were organised by him. Diabetes check up, blood pressure check up, eye check up etc.
Rajesh has not limited himself to a certain community or certain field. He is always there for anything that is for the benefit of the society. That is why he has been trusted not only by his community but also youth kids and old people around. He has been bestowed upon various responsibilities time and again. He has not only been a successful Youth president of Goa Kshatriy Maratha Samaj.
All this social responsibility is carried out joyfully by him because he has the heart which beats for welfare. For his livelihood, he depends upon a profession which again is a profession towards development, growth. He is the man of business. He is the proprietor of Savani Real Estate.
He proved himself to be a dedicated Panch. He completed the task of road and drainage construction. As the Sarpanch, he took a special interest and left no stone unturned while reaching the ‘kanyadan Yojana’, Dayanand Samajik Suraksha Yojana’ and other such facilities to the masses.
He has a record in North Goa Panchayats of having 500 votes to his credit.
While he was the Sarpanch of Penha Da Franca, he gave utmost importance to environmental issues. He implemented the scheme of garbage collection and disposal. It was under his able leadership that Porvorim was enlightened about garbage issues, dry and wet garbage,ill effects of plastic etc.
Rajesh took all efforts and with the help of then housing Board Minister Shri Nilkanth Halarnkar, got sanction 1000 sq metres land for garbage segregation and fertilizer manufacturing plant. Penha de Franca was the first Panchayat in Goa to achieve such distinction.
Shri Rajesh Tulshidas Volvoikar is not yet satisfied with all his achievements yet. Though he is 24*7 available for the social cause, he does not want people to be totally dependent on him. Nor he wants to portray himself as the only social worker in Porvorim. Rather he respects the people who come forward for a social cause. He wants to be the torchbearer now. He wants to connect the needy to the Philanthropists.
With the heart so pure, he realised that there are many individuals who want to be of help to others, but either do not now the needy people or do not come across the channel through which they can be of help.
Rajesh realised that there are people around who suffer trivial problems, bu they either do not come forward to discuss or they do not know that the problems could be solved.
He felt that there was a need of some authentic platform where people could vent their grievances out. There should be a platform where the energy of youth, education of the intelligent, money of the rich can be utilised for a good purpose.
Thus, SOCIAL CONNECT was born.


President of

He has not only been a successful Youth president of Goa Kshatriy Maratha Samaj but an enthusiastic altruistic President of

  • Penha d Franca Library
  • Porvorim Gymkhana Sports Club
  • Kids Club of Porvorim
  • All Goa Lawn Tennis Association